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Empowering those with disabilities to communicate through assistive technology and inspire the community around them.

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iNspire Dreams Foundation


"iNSPIRE DREAMS FOUNDATION is about just that – inspiring people to achieve their dreams.  We, as Founders of iNSPIRE DREAMS were all inspired by one child and once we saw what immense results can come from something so simple as the donation of an iPad we were moved to pay it forward and help others with disabilities achieve their dreams.  Our goal as a Foundation is to have a very real impact on the local community and to be able to see the difference we can make in many people’s lives"

-Sarah Hamilton, IDF Chairman and Co-Founder


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iDF Events



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Donate Today!

Your tax-deductible* donation to iNSPIRE Dreams Foundation will make a difference by providing appropriate assistive technology to children and their families in the Fox Valley who otherwise could not afford it. Thanks to all for your generous gifts and a big thank you to our super donors!

For more information about how technology can help expand the communication and learning possibilities for differently abled children, see our awards page.

*iNSPIRE Dreams Foundation is a 501(c)3 Status Charitable Organization - All donations are tax deductible.